Feeling the Itch

The other day I was sitting here at the computer waiting for some pictures to load onto the blog (because Blogger pictures are so slow lately), and I started looking around.

This is what I saw from my computer chair vantage point:

After looking at these views of the computer room, I decided that I might be ready to paint again.    Yes, it's true.  The paint itch is coming back. 

Our last scrapbook/computer room was green:

However, lately I've been considering blue.  Like this blue here.  (And let me just tell you that I spent a lot of time looking at this blog tonight for different pictures of her blue scrapbook room, and I can easily say that I love everything she creates.)

I haven't run out to buy any paint yet - I'm just thinking about it...

jlockecz  – (18 May 2010 at 11:10)  

The reason blogger pictures are so slow is that you're not compacting them first. I can show you how later.

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