The Lego Project, Revisited

 Remember the Lego Project, where the boys and I assembled their old sets and sold them off on eBay to buy them a Wii and accessories? How we (mainly I) sorted out all of the Legos and toyed with starting an online Lego parts store to help support their college education get them a little extra pocket change? How all of these sorted parts were still sitting in drawers until I decided how to proceed?

Well, I have decided.  It really stemmed from two things:  1)I got tired of dusting them as they sat there, looking at them sitting there dusty,  and 2)Jericho just bought a new, rather expensive road bike and is now looking for ways to restock his savings account.

So here's what we decided:  We have about 10 sets ranging from "complete and ready to be sold" to "just need one or two parts to be complete".  For the "almost complete" sets, I am going to to look up the individual parts, and then order them at the linked Lego stores at you want to get an idea of how big the world of selling Legos is, then poke around that site - it's pretty impressive.)  Then we will sell these sets individually.  We will also sell all of the other sorted Legos off in one big lot. Since they're already sorted, I figure they might be appealing to a serious collector or seller - or anyone, really.  I'm just ready to move them out of the bedroom.

So, as a result, we're doing a lot of picture-taking and packaging around here. Here are some of the pictures that I'll use for the eBay listing:

Out of all the pictures, this one below is my favorite.  That's because it shows what inevitably happens when you try to sort thousands of little plastic pieces.  See the drawer on the left - it is at that strange angle because I captured it falling while I was trying to take the picture.  What you don't see is the spillage and ensuring unsorted-ness.  Ah, well.  We'll just sell that drawer "as is".

I'm hoping to have them all listed around the end of the month/beginning of next month (because that's payday time, you know).  I'll let you know.

Sarah  – (17 May 2010 at 12:18)  

I hope you become millionaires, because that project makes me want to cry. Blech.

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