World Cup Observation #2 (No Spoilers)

I have decided that while a fan's patriotic getup might look fun and all-part-of-the-action while their team is ahead, they look absolutely sad and ridiculous after their team loses and the game is over.  There's probably no feeling like walking to your car, dejected after a harsh loss, covered in body paint and wearing patriotic underpants on your head.

Case in point #1 (this guy could walk back to his car with swagger):
Captain America
 (Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images / June 18, 2010)

Example #2 (these people might be despairing that their picture appeared all over the Associated Press after their team's loss):
(Francois Mori / Associated Press / June 11, 2010)
Supporters of France's soccer team gather at a bar in Cape Town, South Africa, before their team's game.

Well, okay, so this rule does not exactly apply to this fan (that the caption says is a French fan, but I'm not so sure about that).  I think it can be safe to say that polka dot skivvies over tights look ridiculous at any time.   However, in general I think this rule is true.

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