World Cup Observation #3

You know, it occurred to me just a few minutes ago that there is a certain parallel between favorite sports teams and relationships.  Well, rather between the success of your favorite sports teams and the success of your dating relationships.  Did you ever have one of those moments way back when after you broke up with someone that you really liked and heard, "Well, you know - you will break up with every person you date - except for the one that you marry."

In the same vein, your favorite sports team will inevitably lose unless they go far enough to win the championship game.  If they're lucky, that might happen once a year.  If it's a World Cup, they will only keep winning once every four years.  Otherwise (if they're not in that 1% or so), the truth just stands that they will lose sometime. 

Yeah, I know.  It produces about the same level of consolation as the old dating adage - which means it kind of stinks, doesn't it?

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