Four Words for Monday, June 28

1. VBS:  Our VBS starts tomorrow night, and so we've been deep in the throes of preparing for that.  Jason is going to be a coach for one of the teams of kids playing the game shows.  Jacob will be a participant.  Jericho is going to be running lights/cameras.  I have some kind of co-hosting role where I get to chat up the game show contestants (kids) and then "extinguish" some of the game show non-winners with whipped cream or some other kind of messy substance.  Should be fun all around.

2. Legos:  I have 23 listings going on EBay right now, all that close this week.  There are two more smaller listings coming, along with one big one.  The big one is 50 lbs. of Legos sorted and bagged into individual parts.  That's the auctions we're most hopeful about, but we're doing okay on the smaller ones, too.

3.  Heat:  After being blessed with unusually cool weather for the last month or so, we're finally being hit by "normal" Fresno heat - high of 104 today.

4. Anniversary: A year ago this week we moved into our house.  For some reason, thinking about the heat brings all of that back to me...

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