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Well, I am fully aware that I have become an official Blog Slacker now:  rarely posting, and when I do it's mainly about how busy I am.  According to some, this is an Official Blog No-No, because they (the "some") say that everyone is busy and blog readers don't really come to a blog to read about someone else being busy.

Well, alright then.  In that case I won't tell you that all of my days this week have been spent with packing up Legos to send off, running errands, and VBS.

I will tell you that VBS is going well.  Our VBS this year is taking a little bit of a different slant, since we've been working on learning the book of Acts for several months now.  As a result, the VBS format is game shows, with the content of Acts as the basis for the game show questions.  This has been a little tricky (especially with first-time visitors), but it is still turning out to be lots of fun.

Last night we played several fun team games - one was a huge relay game involving teams catching squash launched off of a electric lift into tarps that the teams held.  The teams then ran through the "dirt tunnels" (formed by other children) to their "farms".  They then took their squash to "market", by taping the squash onto a child's back and then having them be "pushed" like a wheelbarrow by another participant.  After that, they had to remove the squash from the wheelbarrow's back at the market and leave them there.  After that there was another person running from the farm to the market, turning around 10 times, and then staggering back with their squash to the farm.  Finally, team members had to take six big bites out of the (salted) squash and show them to the judge to win the game. 

Whew.  Guess who got to explain all of this to the children?  My co-host and I were joking last night that if anyone didn't understand the instructions, we had a 40-page booklet available for viewing, as well as the instruction DVD.  Or they could just go to

However, despite the complicated directions, the game was a huge hit, and was very fun to do and watch.  It was worth it, in my opinion.  (Even though we did go over our time limit by 30 minutes, and I couldn't seem to get myself out of bed this morning because I was s-o-o  t-i-r-e-d.   I think the fatigue largely might have come from my mental anguish over whether the plural of squash is "squash" or "squashes"  And I still don't know - which makes me want to go and take a nap right now).

And last night was just Wednesday.  Who knows what fun things we will do tonight and tomorrow night?

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