10 a.m., Time to Stop Working

I've been spending my early-morning hours this week in the garage, trying (once again) to get it all cleared out.  Well, not too early-morning.  Just early enough to work before it gets stifling hot out there - like a big garage/oven, it gets.  (Sorry, slipped into Yoda mode, there.)

Here are some "Before" pictures of the garage. I post them, if nothing else, to motivate me to have other "After" pictures to show later.  Although actually, this is even before we (meaning Jason) pulled the white cabinet off of the wall and we (meaning all members of the family) moved our new shelf unit over there.   

So, so pretty.

I know I've said this before (and it has yet to happen), but my overall goal is to actually be able to park the cars in the garage.

So I'm working on it. 

But not after 10 a.m.

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