Morro Bay

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Jason and I are spending our day today in Morro Bay.  This is after we dropped the boys and Jason's parents off yesterday at their (very large) cruise ship in Long Beach.  Yes, that's right - the lucky boys and their grandparents are on a 7-day Mexico cruise this week, leaving Jason and I temporarily without children for a few days.  I have to say that so far, while I am doing okay with them not with us, I really don't like not being to talk to them - or at least text.  Since our phone plan doesn't cover Mexico, we will be sadly out of touch for a few days.  I suppose that says something for our day, that I think it's almost unreasonable to not be able to be in touch with my children any time I want to - even if they are off in another country. 

However, Morro Bay is beautiful, and we've had a very nice day here.  We wandered here and there around the area, looked at otters and and sea lions, and had several good meals by the bay.  It is much cooler here on the coast than at home, and I love that.

If it were possible, I would love to go and look at the fun things made by Lisa Leonard and  Lindsey Cheney from the Pleated Poppy.  Both of them are from this area in California, and make wonderful things.  However, none of them seem to have a brick and mortar shop, so I just had to satisfy myself with all the little shops here. 

Tomorrow morning we'll head back to Fresno, and try to make the most of the contact-less days without the boys until they return on Sunday.

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