You would think that at the top of the list of the advantages of selling all of our Legos is the money that we make from the sales.   And while that is very nice, I have to be honest and say that one of the most fun parts to me is...all the containers left behind that once were filled with Legos!

See, here are the Legos in their pre-sale status:

Even the drawers of the containers were filled with more containers:

Now that they are all (almost) gone, I have all of these empty containers with which to fill with - new things.

The truth is that I just love containers - especially those made of clear plastic.  I don't know why - I just do.  That being said, imagine my delight to come upon one of the my favorite stores in San Francisco: The Container Store.    I was in Container Delight for a good while just wandering around looking at everything.  I even took pictures, much to the chagrin of my sons:

I only bought one thing - oh, no wait - two things.  I bought a deep sweater box because I have found in the past that it is the perfect size for scrapbooking paper.  It can hold a huge amount of 12" X12" paper and  the lid can go on it without smashing the paper - a rare find. 

I also bought some 8 1/2 x 11" Ziploc-type bags - another rare find. 

So now I can package up the rest of the Legos in the Ziploc bags to sell to clear out the containers to fill with something just goes on and on.

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