Okay, This Just Cracks Me Up...

Okay, so this afternoon I'm catching up on a little reading to make sure I'm doing the teacher-type things that I need to be doing.  While doing this, a sentence catches my eye in a certain book under the heading of "Parent Communication":

Avoid the use of emotionally charged words, such as slow, liar, stole, brat, delinquent, etc.  Avoid words that attempt to diagnose or label such as ADHD, hyper-aggressive, autistic, etc.

Now, I can understand that some teachers need to be reminded not to diagnose kids themselves, or even suggest that a child might have an exceptionality.  As a Special Ed. teacher, I heard many regular ed. teachers talk about their students, saying things like, "You know, Johnny was waving his hands around in the air today.  Maybe he's autistic."  These issues are usually so much bigger than just a few well-known symptoms, and sometimes even good teachers forget that.

However, it just cracks me up that teachers might have to truly be warned not to use words like "brat" or "delinquent" with parents.  Really?  As in, "Mr. Smith, your delinquent brat stole from some of the other kids in the class.  He said he didn't do it, but we all know he's a liar.  He's a liar and he's slow." 

Emotionally-charged, indeed.

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