Thanking My Mother Over and Over Again

I've been thanking my mother a lot the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, this has been up-until-now silent, if profusive thanks.  You see, as I am now teaching preschoolers again, I am now _really_ digging into all the boxes and boxes of teaching things that she sent for me when she retired.  And the more I dig, the more I appreciate.

Take these children's books, for example.

Much to the dismay of our packing and unpacking friends, I brought all the children's books that she gave me with me here to Fresno.  The past few days I have been organizing them once again by number.  (We use her numbering system to assign each book to a number according to subject.  Then they are organized on the shelves that way, and when I need "Pets", I can go to the 156 books, and there they all are.)

Actually, I tried to bribe financially motivate the boys to to organize these for me, but they fizzled out after only doing the 100s to 200s.  Which I supposed tells you how many books there are.  Or how unmotivated by money my boys are.  But mostly it tells you how many books there are.

Then there are the teaching books.  This box below is about a third of the books that she shipped to me.  In fact, when I was at our teacher lending library the other day, I kept saying, "Oh, I already have that one - and that one, too.  And if you've ever bought these types of books, you know that these don't come cheap.

Then I thanked her again this morning as I went up in our garage attic space and started going through boxes up there.  There are manipulatives, finger puppets, already-made learning games, etc., etc.   It's just wonderful.

So now I say publicly, thanks, Mom.  You're the best.

Barbara  – (28 August 2010 at 19:47)  

You're welcome! I'm glad you're going to get to use them! Mom

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