What Will The Weather Be Today?

You know, living in a place like Fresno definitely changes how you look at the weather.  Meaning that as I prepare to make a weather chart for my students to mark the weather on, I realize that there might not be much variety in what they will choose for the weather for quite some time. 

For example, the weather today was sunny with no rain.
The weather yesterday was sunny with no rain.
The weather day-before-yesterday was sunny with no rain.
The weather the day-before-the day-before--well, you get the idea.

Of course, there are variations in the temperatures.  For example, last week we had a high of 110, which means even too hot to go outside.  Today we had a very pleasant high of 83, which was delightful. 

So, the temperature here varies, and sometimes some clouds roll in, but for the most part, we can put the "rain" picture for the weather chart away until wintertime.

In fact, I think I won't even make one for several more months.   We'll just have "sunny" and "cloudy" as a choice, and that should about cover it.

Barbara  – (31 August 2010 at 15:09)  

Reminds me of the body unit when we'd graph eye color and there was only one blue-eyed person in the class -- me!

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