Ah, Day #15 and #16

Perhaps I will not feel this same way at this time next year, so perhaps it is not necessary to make myself a note about Days #15 and #16.  But certainly now, while still in the beginning weeks of teaching at a new job, I am feeling a little - stressed.  It's just that I decided this past weekend to try to meet the requested goal of turning in my lesson plans two weeks in advance, and to do that, I am doing a lot of planning.  Planning, in turn, leads to looking through idea and project books, which just opens up a veritable plethora of fun ideas.  This automatically makes me want to do all - well, many of them.  Which means lots of making and creating and coloring and pasting (and of course laminating). 

And while I truly love that part of my job, it tends to bring me to a place where I am frequently frustrated that I can't get all of the fun projects that I am planning done to have ready for the class.  Of course, I try to persuade myself that it's only a lot of work this year, because next year I'll have all of these things made and ready...

But the truth is that in Teacher World, there will always be more things to make, create, and laminate.  And sometimes those things are not as important or relevant as good stories, some simple songs, and a good environment to grow in. 

So the moral of Days #15 and #16 is "Don't Work Harder Than You Need To".

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