What Was That About A Camel?

Now, who was that who said that the first few weeks of school were a complete up and down ride, not unlike the back of a camel?

 "But then you will remind yourself that improvement won't come in the form of an incline, but rather in the form of a camel's back - up and down, and up and down, with the final step being up, of course (I suppose that would be on the camel's head)."

Oh, yes - I said that.  That being the case, I suppose I shouldn't be at all surprised that we have plummeted down in the Depths Between the Humps this week (although something about that sounds just wrong.)

Here's where we are on Day - whatever.
  • Number of children randomly spinning, karate chopping, and attempting full-body gymnastic maneuvers during the more active transition times: 10-12/24
  • Number of children morphing into their true personalities to the extent that it involves the dark side of taunting others during play time:  ("I got the blue one and you didn't- ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - ha"): 8/24
  • Number of children sitting in time out "thinking chairs" yesterday after playground time for blatantly disobeying teachers:  5/24
  • Number of children jutting their chin out and telling a teacher "NO! - I don't have to do what you say" repeatedly: 2/24
  • Number of co-staff members who wholeheartedly want to totally revamp our discipline system, despite my desire to "stay the course" on what we are doing now: 1/2
  • Number of children sent home due to a communicable diseases: 1/24
  • Number of parents unhappy that a communicable disease dared to show its face in our room:  many
Sigh.  The list just goes on and on. 

However, doesn't this mean that we should be an an upswing soon?

Barbara  – (17 September 2010 at 09:27)  

A down like that definitely means an up must be on the way. Hang in there! Mom

Sarah  – (17 September 2010 at 10:18)  

Glad you have an experienced teacher like your mom to tell you that it's going to get better. At least I do know that a weekend is on the way, and that's always good! Happy weekend!

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