Any Guesses?

Can anyone guess what Halloween costume this fabric is going to be?

 To be fair I have to tell you that the fabric appears kind of purple-y in this picture, when it's really quite brown.  So the answer is no, not Barney the dinosaur.

Here's a hint, taken in the midst of the construction:

Here's an even greater hint, that Jacob and I doodled on one of the pictures last night on my phone:

Yes, that's it - it's Domo!  Jacob is a huge Domo fan (as is our friend Zach, seen with Jacob below), so we decided to make him a Domo costume this year.  So far we haven't figured out how he's going to see out of it, but that didn't deter him from wearing it down the hall this morning to come in and say good morning to me.

I'll keep you updated with more pictures as it progresses.

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