Noticed While Shopping (in Vain) for Shrinky Dink Film...

The statement on this box just makes me feel tired and confused.  What ever happened to good old art paper (with slow-paced, silent drawing?)  Why are we encouraging children to scribble wildly in order to hear music?  I just don't understand...

Sarah  – (16 December 2010 at 18:54)  

Okay, you may just get me going on this one... I am so weary of being auditorily assaulted EVERYWHERE I go. Never mind that everyone has a cell phone crammed to their head, thinking I want to hear their half of the convo. There are commercials, TV's, radios, etc. everywhere. Yesterday at the ortho's office there were 2 adults -- ADULTS -- sitting in the waiting room, so when the cartoon DVD was stuck on the menu selection, playing annoying music over and over and over and over, something stopped it. "Glory!" I thought. "They're going to just turn it off!!" Oh...NO! They cranked it back up again -- full volume. Why, why, WHY must we have NOISE everywhere???

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