The Shopkeepers vs. The Hired Help

I spent about an hour today searching for Shrinky Dink film, but came up filmless. I wanted it for a project we're doing at school next week as a Christmas gift for the parents. Which begs the question: Where is all the Shrinky Dink film when you need it?

In that same vein, one of my least-favorite phrases to hear from a store clerk is, "Well, if we had any of that it would be over somewhere near aisle 10." This accompanied by a vague wave of the hand. Which begs the (second) question: Where are all the shopkeepers when you need them?

Anonymous –   – (15 December 2010 at 22:33)  

Several years ago I searched for shrinky-dink sheets unsucessfully in this area. I resorted to using plastic clamshell box lids. It worked pretty well.

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