More on Christmas Decorations

1.  Our neighbor across the street has not put up a single light or strand of tinsel to decorate for Christmas this year.  Or, rather, she has not had her crew of 10 - 12 people put up anything for Christmas.  Considering that this was the lawn that we last year labeled "The yard where Christmas threw up", I find this a little odd.  This year it's more like "The house where Christmas is - well, stopped up".  Actually, it makes me worry about the (older) neighbor across the street.  I hope she's okay. 

2.  These inflatable, fan-operated decorations are bothersome to me.  They're cute in the day time, but in the daytime they're just a variety of figures who either look very tired or in need of some form of intervention.  Even our (other) neighbor's snowman has trouble standing up even when inflated.  Either I see him leaning over at the waist examining the winter foliage below, or he's bent over backwards gazing in snowman amazement at the house eaves above.  Bless his little (made of not-enough air) snowman heart.

Sarah  – (11 December 2010 at 16:05)  

I don't like the inflatables. It's like a Macy's wannabe. I'm too much of a traditionalist. Not for me.

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