One Sentence...

For some reason I find myself flush with ideas as I go about my day that I think would make most interesting blog topics.  However, when I finally sit down at the computer they have flown from my mind, like birds seeking warmer places for winter...

It's not that I can't remember anything about my day, it's just that the writing impetus has gone, gone away...

So today I decided that surely for the next few days I could just write one sentence.  Or better put, just one thought.

And here it is for today:

I love, love our icicle lights.  This is the first year that we put them up on our house here, and they are just beautiful.  I am very grateful to the Christmas light installer that lives here.

So that's my thought for today.

Sarah  – (10 December 2010 at 08:16)  

Thankful, too, you have icicle lights. Thankful, too, you have written one sentence. Perhaps you have inspired me. That may be how I blog for a while.

We have no lights or decorations of any sort. I was hoping we would be "under contract" at this point so that we would be packing, but we aren't. I think we may get out the tree and stockings. Then I shall cry that we aren't under contract. The end.

Barbara  – (10 December 2010 at 11:37)  

Two responses:
1) You could do like your dad does. He has a page in his notes on his i-touch, where he jots down ideas for blogging.
2) A picture of the icicle lights would be nice. Not to add any pressure or anything.:)

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