As I mentioned a few days ago, a major theme for this last week for me has been avoiding grumpiness and embracing gratitude for the non-scheduled time that I have in my current life.  (Although I don't think I said it so succinctly before now.)

Another theme of this week has been facing and dealing with some of my personal weaknesses and faults.  I won't go into the all the painful details, but it seems that almost every day the past few days something has hit me square in the face on this topic.  (Ouch.)

In the midst of this, I stumbled on to this post.  I especially love point #1 , which says that capable people can have trouble with trying to find balance in life.  I especially appreciate it this week, as I tend to beat myself up during weeks like this, blaming myself for not being "this way" or "that way".  Her perspective gives me a way to be positive, and to say, "Hey, I think I am a capable person, and so sometimes I just need a little refocusing."

Yes, I like that.  Capable.

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