The College Gear Game

Now, I haven't done any research to see if this idea already exists, but the boys and I think we've come up with a fine new app called "The College Gear Game".  This game is really best during the holidays, or rather, during the College Bowl season.  (However, high-basketball season would also work, and due to the high number of faithful sports fans out there, it probably could be played year-round.) 

It would work similar to "The Licence Plate Game" that kids sometimes play in the car.  If you know that game, you know that you mark off the state licence plates that you see as as you travel around.  Well, the way this game works, you have an app on your phone/iTouch, etc. that lets you see how many colleges you can mark/click off when you see that school's paraphernalia worn by fans in the airport.  For example, in the Nashville airport alone we saw North Carolina Tar Heel shirts, some Oklahoma fans, a University of Washington sweatshirt, etc.  You could even get extra points if you found every school in a particular conference.  If you wanted to make it an educational game, you could provide links to these schools to tell a little bit about them, or show where they are on a map.  In fact, you could even get the schools pay for the creation of the app by having them pay for "ad" time in their school descriptions.

Of course, I'm no app creator, so I can take this idea no further - it will just have to remain our good idea on a blog, at least from our perspective.   However, if someone else ever picks it up and runs with it, just remember that you saw it here first.

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