Neither a Year-End Summary or Resolutions

According to my father, it is obligatory for bloggers to write a year-end retrospective piece.  In fact, he continues to say:

"If you don't, you lose your blog license, or they send all the spam comments to you or something bad happens. That's a fact. And, judging from the other blogs I read that retrospective must be a recap of your own blogginess."

However, having spent the last few months try to prove to one and all that I not so good at following generally-accepted blog expectations (such as writing semi-regularly), I no longer feel the pull of said obligations upon me.  Now that the pressure is off, I feel quite comfortable going without a "Year in Review" post.  Or a "New Year's Resolutions" post , either.   (Repeat after me: There is no guilt in Blogland, There is no guilt in Blogland...")

However, I do like this woman's resolutions.  Plus I like looking at all the yummy food that she makes.   I may not ever actually make Ball Drop Cupcakes, but they are certainly fun to look at.

Bob  – (4 January 2011 at 18:06)  

I raised my children to be fiercely independent!

You go, girl.

Sarah  – (4 January 2011 at 18:17)  

There is NO guilt in blogland. I have always loved you for not being a rule follower. And my child made a noise that you would have made today (no possible way to type it, sorry) and it made me miss you so. And you follow much prettier blogs than I do. Love her resolutions. I think I shall resolve to put the tea pitcher back into the fridge empty, as well. Good plan.

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