For awhile now I've been seeing people mention Pinterest on their blogs.  I knew it was a site to collect images that you love, but recently I decided to check it out.  I signed up for my own account, and now I have to say I'm totally hooked.  Or pinned, rather. 

I just go along my merry way on the Internet, and when I see a picture that I love, or that shows something I want to make, or just think is cool, I click the "Pin It" tab in my favorites list, and it pins it to my boards in the category I want.

Or sometimes I just pick a category that I like and search that on the Pinterest site (like organization, or scrapbook studios, or cubbies, or cute dogs) and see all the other fun things people have pinned.  Then I can just repin them to my board.

Very fun.  I am planning to add this button to the side of my blog, but for now here it is so you can check out my boards if you so desire:

Follow Me on Pinterest

Sarah  – (1 July 2011 at 13:41)  

Oh, stars! Like I needed another internet time-waster! I fell in love with the home page!

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