Well, I've been planning this post for awhile.  You know, the post which brings me back into Blogland after months and months of being away working (almost) day and night on a Luke Curriculum for  our church.  The post was going to go something like this:

After months and months of working on this very involved project, she finally crawled out from underneath the massive Rock/Project and emerged back into the Real World.  She squinted and lifted a weary hand to shield her eyes from the harsh Real World sunlight, and exclaimed, "Wow!  Look at all the interesting things that have been going on while I have been away under the Rock.  I will now write about them for many days on my blog."  Then she lifted the albatross from her neck that she had bittersweetly named "The Luke Project" and dropped beside the Rock behind her.  Thus she began her walk in the Real World once again.

Dramatic, isn't it?  The only problem is that I can't write that entry because I am still not done with the Luke curriculum.  Right now we are on Week 8 of 17.  This week I passed out instructions for Week 10 to the teachers.  I am currently formatting Week 13 of the pages that the kids fill out.

Huge?  Yes.
Too much?  Certainly.
Rewarding?  Well, it is in the form that I have spent a lot of time in the book of Luke in the past five months, and how can that part be a bad thing?  Writing the curriculum might be an albatross, but the time in the book itself has only been a blessing.

So today I decided to attempt to come back to Blog World anyway.  Because I do have some things to talk about.   Because there is more to my life than Luke these days.  Such as a trip last week to Mexico to build houses.  And my roses blooming wonderfully.  And stories about my Little People at school.  And so on.

And perhaps one day I will post about being out from under the Project/Rock.

Just not today.

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