Crabs Walk Sideways

This is my lobster.  He is actually the example I made for the Little People to look at when we started our lobster project early this week. 

Here is his whole body:

I have to admit that he is currently ranking low on my "Projects I will Repeat Next Year" list.  Not because he isn't cute, but because he's not very kid friendly.  I like projects where the kids actually get to create something on their own.  For this project they got to paint part of an egg carton.   They might get to glue the googly eyes on themselves, but the rest of it really needs to be adult-assembled.  So that makes a project box like this for me:

Assorted lobster parts just waiting for an interesting TV show sometime this weekend. 

I really don't mind spending the time on it (says the person who last weekend spent several hours taping iridescent icicles onto plastic cups to make [beautiful] jellyfish).  It's just that I would rather have more child friendly projects. 

Except for the jellyfish.  They truly are beautiful.

But I digress.  While I was making Mr. Lobster Prototype above, I kept singing a song that goes like this:  "Crabs walk sideways, and lobsters walk straight, and I won't let you take her for a mate."  Of course the boys wanted to know what I was singing, so I reached way back into my memory bank to a church retreat I attended when I was young where a man (named Steve Fuller) sang this song at the talent show.

Of course, I couldn't remember exactly how it went, so I went searching on YouTube, and voila!   There it was. 

So I am including it here for your weekend entertainment.  Enjoy.

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