Another Yard Sale Item Garden Project

Today I am bringing you another yard sale garden project.  This one started with this black metal birdcage-looking decoration, snatched from our neighbor's yard sale for $1.  At first I just planned to put it on the tile ledge outside our kitchen window, where it could collect dust and cobwebs with the other black, metal objects I have there.  (We can just refer to those as the Patio Cobweb Collection.)

But then I thought it might look nice as a planter.  So I found two discarded plant pots that fit in the inside space.  Well, correction:  they fit in the space after I cut them down so they would fit through the little door of the birdcage.  In fact, I had to cut slits down each pot corner so I could collapse then and squeeze them through - not unlike a ship in a bottle, I suppose.

After that I slid in some coconut basket liner that I had cut to fit.  I filled the pots with potting soil by dropping it through the top of the "cage" and then planted the plants in there.  It was quite a challenge to fit my hand through the remaining door space and plant the plants.  It was also an equal challenge to then thread the plant stems out through the cage so it would look "lived in".  I broke a lot of stems off that way, as well as gave my hand some nice "birdcage-induced" scratches.

However, the end result is very nice.  Hopefully all of the broken off stems will grow out again and give it some more fullness.  Unless of course, it gets hit and knocked over again by an errant soccer ball kicked by a son who just wanted to see if he could kick the ball all the way across the pool.  Which I'm sure it won't. 

Which means it will be lush and full in no time.

Bob  – (13 June 2011 at 14:07)  

That is very clever! It made me think of this idea I saw the other day -

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