Happy Completed Project Day!

I have a new completed project to show you.  I actually finished it yesterday while waiting for the cable guy to figure out what was wrong with our internet, but didn't get around to taking a picture today.

My friend Gay showed me how to make one of these jean blankets.  She learned from her friend Lois, who is actually related to our friends the Paffords.  Apparently these jeans blankets are a big Pafford thing.  And now I have one, since I sew with - a friend of the Paffords.

We actually started this in January, when the idea of sewing under a blanket of heavy denim cloth seemed almost comfy.  But then the Luke Project got in the way, and then it was the end of May before I really got back to it. 

But now it is complete:

And here is today's "Finished Project" Report:

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