Making Bowties

I spent some time this afternoon making a red satin bow tie.  This might at first seem like an unusual summer activity, at least until you realize that this is VBS week for us at church.  (Actually, we're not having a "VBS" per se this year, but that's another story.)   And with VBS week comes all kinds of random tasks that need to be done.

At first when my friend Dawn called me asking me if I knew where she could find a red bow tie, I said no, no, I do not.  But then I realized that I was standing in JoAnn Fabrics at the time, and surely I could find some red fabric and figure out how to make a bow tie.    So I changed my answer and said that I thought I could come up with one.

Then, on the way to the satin fabric section, I remembered that I have made a bow tie before.  I made a bow tie out of pink moire taffeta in high school for my date to the prom to match my pink taffeta prom dress - that I also made.  Then the memory floodgates were open and my mind was off and running thinking of all the other clothes I made for myself in high school.  Dresses, skirts, tops, you name it.  I even made clothes for other people (like my mother).   I'm sure there are several pictures around of some of these garments - I will have to look around and try to dig some up.

I remember doing some sewing in college as favors for other people, but after actually going to college, I don't remember actually making any of my own clothes.

Perhaps if I had a daughter I would have kept sewing clothes.  Or maybe not.  Perhaps it was just a phase of my youth (and a low clothing budget).

However, phase or not, I guess I had enough of it still in my head to agree to make a red bow tie this afternoon.   Which, the day before VBS, is just enough.

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