Baby Plant Parts

Remember my sad Succulent Topiary?  And how my goal was to take the fallout leaves and pieces and make new plants with them?  Well, I have to admit that I started that project with a fair amount of skepticism, watered with a good amount of ignoring the project once it got started.  (Which actually means that there was no watering involved at all.)

However, despite all of these factors, I now have baby plants growing.  A week or so after I put the leaves in the dirt I pulled a leaf out and noticed tiny baby roots growing from it.  And today when I went outside to take pictures of the roots, I saw baby plant parts growing.

Amazing.  Here is the bucket of Fallout Leaves, stuck recklessly in the dirt:

And here is a tiny baby plant part.  Below the tiny leaves you can see the roots growing down, sucking up - air? - from the dry dirt below.

Here is another growth spot:

Here are some out-of-focus roots growing from the end of a leaf:

Truly amazing.  Maybe my succulent topiary has hope for many good topiary hair days after all.

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