Pallet Art

Not long ago my dad sent me this picture from this blog:

I thought it was terribly clever, not to mention a good use of an old pallet.  Then, not long after that, I ran across this piece of art from this blog:

The person who made it got the idea from this piece of art from this blog:

I of course love all of them, so obviously my next step was to think, "Ooh, I need a pallet to make art out of, too!"   

Lo and behold, on the evening that the very thought came to my head, I spotted a deserted pallet as we were driving out of the church parking lot after the last day of VBS.  I believe it had been used in the "Homeless Awareness Station", where the kids created a shanty to experience what homelessness might be like.   But since that was over and it was sitting by the side of the parking lot, I deemed it available for pickup.

Here it is:

Right now I'm picturing it with some kind of words painted on it mounted on the back of the fireplace on the back patio. 

Something like this, but bigger:

We shall see.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Bob  – (15 July 2011 at 18:20)  

Yes. Not only do you rescue a homeless pallet, you get an art project. I especially like the words of the 2nd picture.

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