A Los Angeles Weekend

Do you like my new header picture?  It was taken at the California Science Museum this past weekend in  Los Angeles.  We went there for a nice visit with our friends the Paffords.  Here's a photo rundown of some of the highlights of our visit:

Everyone plays Whack A Mole at the Santa Monica Peer to win Jacob a Domo.


Some of our party ride the carousel on the pier.  The arrow points to the teenager who is hiding from my camera.

Jacob and Chase perch on poles at Venice Beach.

Have you seen the teenage lately?  He is so grownup.

Domo takes in the beach.

California Science Museum Exterior.

Jacob works on his sense of gravity inside the museum.

Jericho tries to see if it will tip over.  Thankfully, it did not.

Jericho and Zach experience hurricane-force winds.

Jacob and Chase do the same.

After seeing Les Mis

Pink's chili dogs

Pinks Hot dogs on steroids

Rob  – (12 July 2011 at 20:55)  

I have a picture of me on a bike like that one from our trip to San Antonio. And no, you cannot tip them over. And yes, I did try.

Love Jericho's shirt, by the way!

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