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Hurray!  A new finished project!  This one involved putting the final touches on the Nativity scenes we made during the Luke project. 

You might remember that this was one of our "Wednesday Workshops", where the kids came early to church on a Wednesday night to work on them.  Everyone who came got a complete Nativity scene (or the parts to complete one) to take home.  This one (the model) will be displayed in the church building at Christmas time.

They really enjoyed this project, and it helped that we had several teenagers there who were wonderful at helping out the younger children.  Plus, there were several adults to help, as well.

I thought they turned out really nicely:

Here is the finished project. 

I especially liked how baby Jesus got wrapped up in a snug white blanket.

The happy family

Despite the blurriness of this picture, I'm sure you can tell that Mary turned out with great hair. 

Here are the three wise men.  Wise Man on the Right is having a little trouble getting all that glue out of his beard and hair, but notice how joyful he looks regardless.

Here is their very flexible camel.

This white hair was by far my favorite to work with.  I think this wise man is truly having a great hair day, in a wise kind of way. And no, that's not a #1 on his Wise Man jersey.  It's just his belt going its own way.

This hair wasn't so cooperative, but does make for an interesting beard.

Donkey head shot.

Don't you think she looks very surprised?  At least on the ground she doesn't look like she's about to fall over, like she did in the picture above when she was on top of the stable.

Here are the shepherds.  Jacob made them.  They used to have a crook to rule in the sheep, but it fell by the wayside somewhere.  I thought he did an especially good job on their hats.

Didn't this sheep turn out fabulous?  You can't tell where any part of him begins or where it ends - just a big bundle of sheep hair.
My joke the whole time we were planning this project was that after the kids made them, we would then have them look in the book of Luke to see who was actually listed in that telling of the story.  Then we would get rid of all the non-Luke characters.  But of course I was just joking, because that would mean no animals, no wise men, and no flexible camel.

So, there you have it - another finished project.

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