Well, the boys and I spent all of last week at summer camp in the mountains, which was great fun, but...tiring.  So now we are recovering, which to us means lots of sleeping late and a few naps thrown in here and there.  (Yes, I know, we are lucky .)

Assisting in our post-camp laziness is the fact that one of our cars is in the shop, leaving us (at our choice) without transportation as Jason takes the car to work.

So while we are resting, I will show you the new mosaic boards that are ready for glass.

You can see the sea glass/rocks that I added already for the hail.  I found them to be very transparent, so I first glued on the  paper so that the rocks would look white.

This one is fuzzy because I didn't retrace the lines after I traced the lines through the tissue paper pattern.

The pictures we used for these last boards are from The Complete Bible Story Clip Art Book, which unfortunately is out of print.  However, you can still find used copies online here and there, or you can luck into one if your mother-in-law is a Children's Minister with a rather extensive library.

I guess I didn't really realize how many new ones there were until I started taking these pictures.  Of course, I'm itching to start filling some of them in, but first I need to finish some of the old ones. 

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