New Mosaic Boards

The Timeline Mosaic has been picking up speed lately.  We just made a bunch of new boards for some of the stories we're missing.  In fact, after this set there are only eight or nine that we need to make up of the almost sixty that we want to do. 

Here they are during the Marble Letter Process:

Do you see the board in the left stack with the rectangles of black glass on it?  That's the next step in the process - even before I release them to the people working on them.  I learned very quickly that it's better to put the marble letters and black border on the boards first, as opposed to hoping the kids leave enough of a blank space to add those things later.  In the kids' defense, it is hard to eyeball how much space those things will need, and it saves me from doing a lot of chiseling off many glued-on glass pieces that way.

So, I'm learning - and the mosaic is growing.

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