A New Project

A few days ago, I reported that I wasn't (actively) looking at the discarded items in our neighborhood during Operation Cleanup because I had several items already to fix up.

Well, this is one of these items.

This old school desk came from Gay.  I think they had it outside in their backyard, because it has some serious water damage on it.  She offered it to me when they had their yard sale several months ago, but I declined.  Then I kept eyeing as it sat lost and forlorn in their garage every time I went over to her house, but declined.

Finally, last week it was even rejected by the Salvation Army.  Gay and David put it by the front curb, hoping that someone would pick it up.  (They had tried this once before, but no one bit).   Finally I peeled off the wood-damaged veneer to discover that it still had a solid top on it.  I also figured out that the bottom piece of it could be removed, and I could have a new piece cut to fit...so it came home with me.

Not just a DIY furniture project, but a Forlorn Furniture Rescue, as well. 

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