Rice Dying

Well, I've been busy this afternoon immersed in a Rice-Dying Frenzy.  I started out with 20 pounds of white rice and ended up with 20 pounds (minus a few stray grains) of green, red, yellow, orange, purple, lime, teal, med. blue, dark blue and pink rice.  I plan to let the Little People layer it, mix it, measure it, and pour it.  Then after it's all mixed up and they're tired of it I'm going to put it into plastic bottles and make "I Spy" bottles out of it.  Like this:

I'm wanting to do sensory activities in a big way this year. I think this will be especially be helpful to all of my students, and especially one of my students who has some different social and developmental issues going on.  (She's the one who looked up at me wearing my just-above-the-knee denim skirt yesterday and asked in a confused way, "Teacher, why are you naked?"  I was actually embarrassed for a moment, and then after remembering that I wasn't actually naked,  laughed the rest of the day about it.) 

 I didn't do many sensory things last year - besides our basic sand table we just got a couple days of shaving cream and one day of goop (cornstarch and water).  But we're going all out this year.  I plan to have that stuff everywhere (a fact that my associate teacher might actually physically shudder at).  But we're doing it.  Heh heh heh.

But now we're starting with rice.  And then, who knows?

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