Rice on the Run

Well, my twenty pounds of rice went off to downtown Fresno yesterday in the car that needed new tires, so it didn't get play with, mixed, or measured.  (I forgot to put it in the car I was actually driving yesterday - whoops).  What also went off to downtown Fresno (probably unbeknownst to Jason) were ten Ziploc bags of play dough "kits" that contained flour, salt, and cream of tartar.  I'm just glad that he didn't get pulled over for a speeding ticket or anything - an police officer in downtown Fresno might be suspicious of ten Ziploc bags of white powder.  Whew.  (But wouldn't that have made a good story...)

It turns out that we had our hands full enough yesterday without the fun rice.  Yes, it's true - we were at Day 6, and the Shock and Awe of preschool has worn off, leaving lots of blossoming personalities, and oh, so many little friends to poke, prod, tattle on, or try to annoy.  Sigh.  It was truly one of those days, and when I wasn't looking around desperately looking for something to bribe extrinsically motivate them with, I was vacillating between two thoughts:  One, that this class was never, ever going to shape up, and two, that perhaps preschool is not the place for me anyway.  Fortunately, I recognize both of those thoughts as Day 6 thoughts, and will just assure myself that things will get better.

Perhaps after I buy some M&Ms extrinsic motivators.

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