Varmints, Revisited

Well, I saw more signs of our classroom varmint today.  Fortunately, the sighting did not involve blood.  Just some - droppings. 

Seeing this reminded me of a story I heard from Jason last week after I told my Mouse Blood story.  This story also involves varmints, but on a much bigger scale.   It seems that a farmer somewhere in California was having quite the ground squirrel infestation at his place.  Tiring of this, he decided to try a new method.  This method involved filling the tunnels in the ground  with propane and then throwing a match down one of the holes.

It turns out that this method was indeed quite effective.  All ground squirrels were effectively eliminated - including the flaming one that shot out of one of the holes onto the adjacent field - starting a fire that eventually burned several acres of land.

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