A Well-Needed Laugh

Well, today I just woke up feeling kind of blah and lifeless.  I keep wondering when school will be fun again - or at least not so much hard work.  I had absolutely no energy at the gym this morning, giving up after only 20 minutes.  Plus, on the blogging side of things, I have no cute stories at all - just some self-annoyance at how I kind of left my last blog post just hanging, with no little summing-up statement at the end.  But I just couldn't think of one.  (Only something lame, like, "The moral of this story is....don't light ground squirrels on fire.  Blah.)

But then I saw this, and I laughed out loud, so I will pass it on to you.

Ah, so funny.  And perfect for today, because some days are just like that.

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