Making a List, Checking it Twice

The time is drawing near for us to start our new phase of Children's Ministry at church.  Along with this, we are working feverishly to finish the Timeline Mosaic in order to display it in the new area.  I've been carting the materials around to different classes at church to let different people work on it, and one evening this month we're going to have a Ladies' Night Worknight to work some more.  As a result, there are mosaic boards in all stages of completion all around.  In fact, the sheer number of them existing in some degree of completion makes me feel like we have accomplished a huge amount of the total job.

Of course, this week when I sat down to take a look at the list of stories to be completed, it told a different story.

Below is the list of stories that we are making boards for.  The ones that are in the red font are ones that have been drawn on the boards.  So, that's 49 of 65 drawn.

The ones highlighted are ones that are completed, with all the glass put on.  So that's 15 of 65 created.

The ones with a black line drawn through it are the ones completed and grouted.  That's - ummm, 7 of 65 completely done.

Of course, there is no indicator here of mosaics that are almost finished - of which there are quite a few.  But they don't count, and they don't get a colored font or a highlight.  So sad.


Sorry - have to go - I have to go glue on some glass.

Red Font = Picture Drawn on Board
Highlighted Red Font = Picture Drawn on Board
Highlighted and Cross-out Red Font = Picture Drawn on Board

1. Creation – part 1
2. Creation – Part 2
3. The Fall
4. Noah and the Ark
5. Call of Abraham
6. God promises Abraham a
Great nation
7. Isaac is born
8. Jacob and Esau
9. Jacob’s Ladder
10. Joseph’s Coat
11. Joseph and his brothers
12. Moses in the basket
13. Burning Bush
14. Plagues – part 1
15. Plagues – part 2
16. Passover
17. Parting of the Red Sea
18. Pillars of Cloud/Fire
19. Golden Calf
20. Ten Commandments
21. Crossing Jordan
22. Fall of Jericho
23. Samson
24. Gideon
25. Beginning of the kings
26. David and Goliath
27. Solomon builds temple
28. Elijah and Carmel
29. Elisha and Namaan
30. Hezekiah’s Two Prayers
31. Esther
32. Exile and Destruction of Temple
33. Daniel and Lions’ Den
34. Rebuilding of Jerusalem
35. Birth of Jesus
36. Jesus in the Temple
37. John the Baptist Preaches
38. John baptizes Jesus
39. Jesus tempted
40. Calling of disciples
41. Sermon on the Mount
42. Zaccheus
43. Feeding of 5,000
44. Jesus calms a storm
45. Jesus walks on water
46. Lazarus Raised
47. Palm Sunday
48. Cleansing of Temple
49. Jesus Arrested
50. Last Supper
51. Garden of Gethsemane
52. Crucifixion
53. Women find Empty Tomb
54. Road to Emmaus
55. Ascension
56. Pentecost
57. Peter escapes from prison
58. Saul’s Conversion
59. Paul Escapes in Basket
60. Dream of Clean vs. Unclean
61. Jerusalem Council
62. Paul arrested
63. Paul’s shipwreck
64. Letters
65. Revelation

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