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A day or so ago I was out and about in town, on the way to a destination that I had only been to once before.  I couldn't remember exactly how far it was to the place where I needed to turn, but then remembered that I had the address in the car's GPS.  I entered "previous destinations" and sure enough, there it was.  However, I also that many of the other "previous destinations" listed were the fun places that we visited when my family was here for Christmas.  It was like a small digital scrapbook, or vacation-memory-prompter right there in the car.

I wanted to take a screenshot of the entries, like I would do on my phone, but no matter how many buttons I pushed at the same time, it just wouldn't take a picture of the screen.   So I had to result to capturing the list with my camera instead - but not while driving, of course.

Here is the list and a mini-description of each:

  • The first address is where we dropped the dog off on our way out of town.
  • 693 S Ocean Avenue is the address of the house that we stayed in.
  • Nipomo, CA is where Jocko's is - restaurant of excellent steaks.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium is - well, just that.  We spent a very nice afternoon there exploring all the fabulous displays.
  • Marsh St/Chorro St is the intersection of a parking garage we were looking for in San Luis Opisbo.  We went there one night to experience the SLO Farmer's Market.  (Although this particular parking garage was full.)

  • Palm St/Morro Street is another parking garage address in San Luis Opisbo.  We didn't actually go there, though.  We found another parking place somewhere else.
  • Hearst Castle was just that.  Some of us toured it, and some of us hung out in the visitor center, and some of us hung out at the beach house.
  • Hertz & De Luca Jewelry Co - wait a minute.  Did we go there?  Did anyone buy anything?  Is there some Christmas present out there waiting for me somewhere?  (Really, I have no idea why that's in there, but I'm not holding my breath on the Christmas present - especially because it seems to be in New York).
  • Linn's Fruit Bin was a very nice restaurant in Carmel CA that we ate lunch at on the way to Hearst Castle - home of Ollalieberry Pie.
  • Morro Bay - a beautiful little beach town very close to where we stayed.  

Splash Cafe was where we ate lunch in Pismo.  They have excellent clam chowder there in sourdough bread bowls.
Avila Beach was just a little ways down the highway from where our beach house was.  We went to see the sea lions there out on the pier.
48 S Ocean Ave. was where the rental office was for our beach house.  
The other two addresses and just general addresses that didn't have anything to do with our trip.  

Fun, huh?  There were a few missing from the list:

Cal Poly State University, where we took an impromptu tour of the campus in case any of the younger set in the car wanted to go there.  After the tour some of us got to pick wonderful Satsuma mandarins at their pick-your-own stand.
The stretch of the PCH highway between Cayucos and Monterey - beautiful, but very curvy along very high cliffs.
Kettleman City, Ca, where who knows how many people eat each weekend on their way between Fresno and the beach.

Obviously, the list doesn't tell the whole story, but I think it gives a wonderful overview of our fun time together - who needs travel journals when you have a GPS?

Bob  – (4 January 2012 at 18:33)  

I love it. Unfortunately, all our GPS says is "Recalculating."

Bob  – (4 January 2012 at 18:35)  

I love it. Unfortunately, all our GPS says is "Recalculating."

Rob  – (4 January 2012 at 21:17)  

I only got in on about half of those, but loved those that I did. I would have to also add Lombard Street, Pier 39 (or technically the parking garage there), the USS Pampanito, Boudin Bakery, and Rubio's. Hmmm ... there is a food theme going on here, isn't there?

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