(I actually wrote this Thursday morning - but then half of it got deleted somehow (which was very frustrating) and then I didn't have time to finish it before school...)

Well, it is very windy today here in Fresno.  All of the beautiful fall leaves are swirling around like a giant leaf snowstorm.  While I am sad to see them fall, I also still think that Christmas lights and fall leaves don't quite go together, so it will complete the holiday look to have them down.

Speaking of holiday lights, Christmas has once again thrown up on our neighbour's lawn.  You might (or might not) remember that last year she was very slow in getting her decorations up.  So slow, in fact, that I began to fear for her well-being.  However, this year they were up when we got back from Thanksgiving, and then a few days later the work crew came back and put some more up.  I like it - it's festive, and it makes it easy for visitors to find our house.

Our family is rather minimal on our outside Christmas decorations.  Perhaps the main reason for this is that by the time I get all the stuff up inside, I am weary and am daunted by the outside lights task.  However, I do have a "dream" Christmas lawn scenario.

I have seen these little penguins around here in there in our neighbourhood.  They have several varieties, but I like this standing version (although in this picture it looks like he has blue teddy bear ears, which is a little strange).  What I would like to do is get a lot of these little guys for the front yard.  A lot like a flock, or a bevy, or a herd.  Then I would like to stand them all up in the front yard of our house, like a strange army of penguin minions on the hill of our yard. I don't know why, but that just sounds like a fun way to decorate.
24" Crystal Tinsel Lighted Penguin Outdoor D├ęcor Figurine.Opens in a new window
However, considering that this guy alone was $45 on the Target website, I doubt my big decorating plans can happen any time soon.  It would take a lot of after-Christmas clearance shopping to make the penguin swarm happen.

Anyway, off to take care of the Little People. 

Stay vertical, my friends, and hang on in this wind.

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