Getting the Boards Ready

Yesterday I showed you how our Girls' Night Out went last week.

Before I took the boards there, I did a little bit of prep work to get a few of them ready.  Mainly I put some face details on, because the faces can be a little daunting to newbie mosaicers.  (Yes, I know that's not a word - at least to Mr. Spellcheck.)

First of all, I took a picture of all the boards waiting for transport to the church building...sort of as a farewell to those that were completed and would not be returned.  (Sniff, sniff...)

Here are some of the ones that I left up at the building to be displayed in our new children's wing:

Here is Pharaoh just after the application of his angry eyes.  I thought this was kind of a nice, serene picture.

Here is another board waiting in the sunlight...
Here is a closeup look of some eye application.  Some of the eyes were done with beads, and some were done with little pieces of black.  "Small black slivers", as the pencil writing instructs.

 Here are Samson's "intense" eyes.  Here you can also see what happens if you trace the pictures onto the board with something other than a permanent marker.  Remember:  waterbased marker + glue = big smeary mess.

I was kind of enjoying this guy as I was gluing his eyes on.  He's really a captive being carried off to Babylon, but due to his kind-of point ears, I am fondly thinking of him as Legolas the elf/captive.

I had a little trouble deciding what to do on this Esther picture.  As in several of the board, a slight tilt of the mouth or eyes can change the whole personality.  And I wasn't sure about Esther.  Was she stressed out and  dismayed at suddenly being the queen (as shown below...)

...or perhaps was she pleased with it all?  I decided to go with pleased, because I'm just a glass-half-full kind of person.  Plus I like thinking that she kind of enjoyed all the good things about queenship (queendom) before all of her people became in jeopardy of extinction, etc, etc.

Tomorrow I'll show all the boards that are now finished after the Girls' Night Out (plus a busy weekend of mosaic-ing on my part).

pat  – (1 February 2012 at 08:09)  

This is so neat. What a wonderful task for a group of women.

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