More Mosaics Finished

Well, we had a "Girls' Night Out" at church last week, and a bunch of ladies turned out to work on the mosaics!  Here's what it all looked like:

Here are the squares that were completed when the evening began.  I took them to encourage everyone about our progress:

Here are the containers of glass, all laid out for people to choose from:

Here are the ladies working away:

Here is another table of workers...

...and another table of workers!  It was a great turn out, and we got lots done.  Plus it was kind of like an old-fashioned quilting bee - there was lots of laughing and visiting while everyone worked.

Well, and there were some band-aids.  Because as you  know, glass is sharp.

I really am grateful that so many people came to help, and I'm excited that we're that much closer to finishing this project!

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