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Well, perhaps if one read my blog the last few months it appears as if all I have been working on mosaics and occasionally blogging about the Little People.  However I've been doing some other things too.  First of all, I've been slowly working my way through the maze of the Higher Educational system here to figure out what I need to do to complete my other teaching credentials in California.  I've had to talk to several different schools, but now think I've found one that can help me get the classes I need to make myself more employable.  All of this despite the fact that I completely love my current, albeit part-time job.  However, since it seems that it would be best for the family to have a full time job, investigate I will.  (And, of course I want to say that last part in my best Yoda voice.)

Somehow in the midst of all of that happening I started playing around with making some digital teaching materials.  It turns out that are several sites out there (such as Teacher's Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers) that exist for the sole purpose of providing various teacher materials to teachers.  I decided to put my recently-learned Publisher skills (developed during the Luke curriculum) to use to make a few things and set up a shop.

Now, I have always joked (if only to myself) that if I ever opened any kind of online store I would call it Duly Noted.  This is because the thing I hear most often when I mention this type of business is that it never could possibly bring in any money.  And perhaps that is true, and thank you so much for your opinion that has now been Duly Noted.

However, I did not name my teacher stores that (at least out loud).  One is here, and one is here.  I've just listed a few items, but have a had a few sales - enough to make me want to list some more.  The nice part about it is that I make the items, I list them, and then I go about my business.  Then every so often I get an email that I've made a sale - hurray!  There's nothing to package up or send off.

As I was starting my stores, I decided I needed a blog that would mainly provide ideas and other information to back up my stores, so I copied a bunch of articles about the Little People and moved them here.

So, that's what I have been doing.  If you would like to hear more about the Little People and the details about what I have been doing with them, you can visit Teaching the Little People anytime you like.  Or you can just stay here and more general Little People reports and a few others things as well.

Bob  – (31 March 2012 at 10:04)  

I love the Little People stories, and for some time I have thought that you ought to gather them in some form. And you have! And way to go with the digital teaching materials.

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