To Which I Responded...

Today is the long-awaited day when Jericho can go and take his written driver's test.  He finished his online driving course several weeks ago, and has been waiting anxiously for the day that he could go and take the test which would begin the period in which he is able to begin driving with a grownup.  Unfortunately for him he was slowed down a bit by his father's request that he get a haircut before he went and the fact that the DMV is only open on weekdays and mainly during school hours.

But today is the day.  We're actually leaving to go there in about ten minutes.  Yesterday after he made his test appointment online, he happily said, "And then I can drive home from the DMV!"

To which I responded..."Ummm, no.  You who have only driven twice in your life, with both of those experiences being in a deserted parking lot.  You who most likely has no idea how to get anywhere in this town because you most often have your head down looking at your phone while I drive.   No, you're not driving home from the DMV."

Actually, I just said, "Ummm, no."

He seemed a little disappointed.  But I'm sure soon enough he'll be driving around everywhere - with and without me.

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