But There is Guilt in Blogland...

My good friend Sandra once said to me that "There is no guilt in Blogland."  My understanding is that she was told this by her friend Mike Cope.  The idea I suppose behind this is that your blog is something that you voluntarily give to the world, and that unless you are paid to do it, there should be no guilt in not doing it.

But alas, I do not find this to be true.  When I am away from my blog from long periods I do feel guilty.  Perhaps it's because we live so far away from our families, and due to my lack of communication with them in general, the blog is usually the best way for them to find out what is going on with us.  So perhaps (now that I think about it), the guilt has to do more with my general lackage of familial communications.  But now I'm off wondering if "familial" is an actual word, so I've moved on to other worries...

Guilt or no guilt, lots of things have happened here in the last few months, which I plan to write about in more detail in the next few days.  Here's quick rundown:

  • Jericho is now driving all over the place - but still only with one of us.
  • Jacob is now taller than me, and is - (which gives him no small sense of satisfaction) - taller than his older brother.
  • I finished the school year successfully, even with a lot of end-of-the-stress and the death of my classroom tree.
  • We said goodbye to the last of the wallpaper in our house.
  • I said goodbye to lots of scrapbooking items.
  • I found out that I needed to go out and get a full-time teaching job in order to pay for the schooling that would enable me to have a full-time teaching job.  If you ask me, something's wrong with that picture.
  • I also spent an hour downtown at the county Board of Education, the result of which was a receiving a paper that should turn out to be worth at least $15,000 to our family.  I didn't even mind paying downtown parking after that.
  • Plus lots of other little things.
So, perhaps I can make up for the blog lull by catching up over the next few weeks.  Starting tomorrow.

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