Farewell to the Wallpaper

Well, this is hard to believe, but it seems that we have said good-bye to all of the wallpaper in our house.  Most of you know that when we moved into our house, almost all of the walls (and many ceilings) had wallpaper on them.  And while they say that wallpaper is making a comeback, I can guarantee you that this wallpaper is not.

I took some of it off myself, but soon wearied of the job and turned to other projects to fill my time.  So when Jason asked if I thought we should hire painters for the last two wall-papered rooms, I jumped at the chance.

We first did our bedroom, which ended up a beautiful dark brown color.  But those pictures will have to wait until another day because the "before" pictures are on the other computer.

However, I do have pictures of the computer room, which before looked like this:

Mmmm-Hmmm.  Love that blue wallpaper.
Here is the scrapbook area after I moved my desk out of the way and started pulling things out of the room.

The painters first painted over the wallpaper with an oil-based primer.  Then they sprayed texturing all over the walls, to make it look like all of our other walls:

Finally, they painted it my color of choice - green, of course.
Here are the after pics:

I'm planning on putting the closet doors back on again...

Needless to say, I love it.  Because it's green, and because it's pretty, and because...it's not blue anymore!

Anonymous –   – (13 July 2012 at 20:53)  

I love it! This looks great--I'm happy for you. There is something very wonderful about making something beautiful out of something not-as-beautiful.


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