The Dichotomy of Moving

You know, as we are very busy these days with beginning the process of moving, it sometimes just stops me dead in my tracks when I remember that yes, we are actually moving. What I mean is that I feel that we are on this "moving" road, which involves being in the mindset of moving, and having the plans of moving, and concretely, having the to-do list of moving. We have been on this road for several months now and perhaps even longer as our family felt this change coming. I have grown a little bit comfortable with it for the most part, mainly because at this point in time, moving means checking things off a list. Every once in a while, however, it will hit me that this is more than a to-do list - this is a real, very big life change. Last night for example, I was at Jacob's basketball practice, and I ran into a friend who said, "Is it true that you really are moving away?". It kind of stunned me say, "Why yes, we are. To California, actually."

What? We're moving to California? What's this about? It's at times like this that a small part of me says, "Wait a minute. I like it here in Morgantown. I don't want to move to California." I get this way when I talk to my close friends at church. I can go about my day in "moving" mode, and have my mind on this detail or this plan, and then I'll go to church and talk to my friend Anne and then just be so shocked about the whole process all over again. It's kind of like I am focused only on the mile in front of me in the process, but every once in a while I'll take a glance at the end destination and be kind of surprised.

I'm not in any way scared of the decision, or regretting the choice - it's just a little strange to be so accustomed to an idea, and at the same time so - surprised.

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