Early Morning

I've just finished an early-morning computer session here, entering grades in the computer as our first school term comes to an end. It seems that I am always doing this at the last minute, but at least I have improved on my preparation since I started this job. I believe that the first term that I entered grades, I was up to the wee, wee hours of the morning actually grading papers to put in the computer.

It is nice that we can access our online gradebooks at home now. That really does help move things along, and would be a great tool to enter them in as I went along in the grading period - if I actually did it that way.

I didn't report back in after my work day on Monday, but despite it being a very long and tiring day, it was a very productive time. I went to work yesterday feeling okay about the state of the house. (That statement makes me want to do a "State of the House" address, but we'll leave that for another posting.) I do need to do several more things before Sunday's Open House of course, but at least it looked nice enough yesterday for the realtors' visit.

I do have a few pictures to post this afternoon of interesting things that I threw away, but they will have to wait until then. As you might expect, I threw away lots of things Monday. I also have three boxes in the car of things to put out in the teachers' lounge as freebies, plus a full box of Goodwill things, and two big bags to our to our local Christian Help center. In fact, yesterday after school the boys and I were at Target and they had such cute stuff out for Halloween and Christmas (already), plus such good clearance products in the scrapbook sections...and I didn't buy one of them. Anything I buy or acquire now has become something I have to a)hide while the house sells, and b)pack up later. No, thanks.

Well, off to work.

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